What is Broasted Chicken?

Broasting is what makes Farmhouse Chicken
the best tasting chicken in Marysville, Ohio!

Genuine Broaster Chicken® begins with the finest quality fresh (never frozen) chicken, carefully marinated and coated with specially formulated Broaster® ingredients. Then the chicken is placed inside the Broaster Company manufactured pressure fryer, designed to cook each individual piece of chicken "under pressure" in the chicken's own natural juices, limiting the absorption of cooking oil and driving the marinade deep down to the bone while searing the chicken with a golden, crispy-crunchy coating.

The result is Genuine Broaster Chicken®. No other process, no substitution of Broaster® ingredients can duplicate its world famous taste, texture, and delicious Broaster® flavor. In addition to the great taste, the Broasting® process produces chicken with less calories, less fat, and less carbs than traditional fast food fried chicken.

Broasted® Chicken has become well known through out Ohio as being Amish style chicken. Many well established Ohio Amish restaurants have been serving Broasted® Chicken for decades, such as: four Der Dutchman restaurants in Plain City, Waynesville, Walnut Creek, and Sugarcreek; Dutch Kitchen in Plain City; Dutch Heritage in Bellville; Miller's Dutch Kitchen in Baltic; The Amish Door Restaurant in Wilmot; Farmstead Restaurant in Millersburg; and others.

However, to most people outside of Ohio, Broasted® Chicken is not "Amish" at all. For example, since 1956 people in the Detroit, Michigan area have been enjoying Broasted® Chicken at The Chicken Shack. Over the past 5+ decades, the popularity of Broasted® Chicken has grown The Chicken Shack company to 19 locations in and around the Detroit area. It comes as a shock to some people who grew up in the Detroit area that they can get the same Broasted® Chicken they've grown to love from The Chicken Shack at some Amish restaurants in Ohio, let alone the more than 5,000 restaurants across the country that offer Broasted® Chicken. In a nutshell, people's perception of what Broasted® Chicken is can really depend a lot on where they grew up, and the restaurants where they've experienced it.

We at the Farmhouse Ice Cream Parlor and FarmhouseBroasterToGo.com are proud to be Marysville Ohio's first and only location offering licensed Genuine Broaster Chicken®. Whether Broasted® Chicken to you is "Amish Chicken", "Chicken Shack Chicken", or chicken you enjoyed at some other eclectic restaurant you visited somewhere else through out our country, we hope you and your family enjoy Farmhouse Chicken as being the Broasted® American favorite that it is. Come in for a sit down meal, take some home, or have it delivered for the entire family to enjoy. Farmhouse Chicken - It's Broasted!

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